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About Feherty Property Management Inc.

Feherty Property Management Inc. is a Newmarket-based company with over 28 years of experience in providing management, administration, and technical services to both residential and commercial properties. 

Our approach to property management is to provide our clients with a professional service which addresses the highest levels of financial accountability, operation, and maintenance while also giving attention to detail and customizing our service to the specific needs of the client’s property. 

The FPMI advantage

  • We emphasize regular contact with you, our client. Our staff is always available to meet outside of regular client meetings to discuss and advise on any aspect of property management and operation. 
  • We live and work in the areas we serve, in order to serve you better. We know the area and we are accessible to our clients when you need us most.
  • We place an emphasis on engaging local reliable service contractors at competitive prices and on monitoring their performance through regular inspections. 
  • We have developed a network of support trade companies who are on-call with our firm to provide 24/7 emergency responses and troubleshooting expertise. 
  • We are totally familiar with all of the requirements of the Condominium Act and the challenges facing Condominium Corporations to ensure that their Corporations adhere to all of these requirements for administration and operation. 
  • Our combined expertise in financial administration, project management,and numerous technical fields, together with our lengthy property management experience provides you with all of the resources necessary for the efficient management of your properties. 

We are affiliated with Feherty and Associates Ltd., a consulting engineering and planning firm, which has been responsible for the design and construction of several commercial, institutional, and residential development projects, including numerous condominium developments. Through this affiliation we can provide, in house, many of the consulting engineering services in-house which would otherwise need to be contracted out. In most instances this service is offered at no extra cost beyond our property management fee while also making it easier and more efficient to get the information you need.

Thus we are dedicated to providing a total package of property management services supported by in-house technical consultants. 

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